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Kudremukh: A nature Heaven

Kudremukh situated in the southwestern part of Chikmagalur is a paradise for nature lovers. A place that is filled with beautiful trek routes, stunning views of western ghats, and lip-smacking malnad cuisine, kudremukh has it all. Kudre means horse and mukh mean face. This chunk of nature heaven is just 95 kilometers away from chikmanglur. While you might think that it can be a pretty long drive you will have relief in knowing that it will be quite eventful ride where you will get to witness beautiful lush greenery and hills of western ghats.

The Government of Karnataka declared kudremukh as a national park, they are rightful in doing so, and the place has a thriving biodiversity. Did you also know an interesting tidbit about kudremukh: it is also the origin point of three amazing rivers, tunga, Bhadra, and Netravati.

A hill station that possesses rich flora and fauna, widespread grasslands, and Hill ranges of western ghats confluence with rivers, streams, and lakes.

If you are planning to travel here soon and want to know the in and around the kudremukh’s famous places, we have got you covered, down below we have listed some of the best places to visit nearby, things to do, and dishes to enjoy!

Happy reading!

Kudremukh national park:

Kudremukh National is a biodiversity reserve of one-of-a-kind and beautiful wildlife. One of the most extensively found wild animals are a wild pigs, lion-tailed macaques and rarely wolves too!

The national park of kudremukh has been declared protected under the wildlife protection act of 1987. Situated among the rich valleys, keep this place on top of your travel itinerary.

How to reach:

By bus: There are plenty of buses to Chikmagalur in Karnataka. If you are traveling from other states, travel to Bangalore and then catch a bus that is always so frequent.

By rail: Unfortunately, Chikmanglur does not have much connectivity through rail; the nearest station would be in Mangalore.

By air: So here you go again, the nearest airport connecting to kudremukh would be in Mangalore.

Kalasa temple town:

Kalasa, meaning ‘pot’, has divine reasons for the origination of its name. It has been believed by the locals that, the pot sprang up during the wedding ceremony of lord shiva and parvathi. The temple town is situated on the banks of bhadra river. The town of Kalasa is blessed with, ancient divinity, where nature seems to be at its finest. If you are visiting kudremukh be sure to experience the vibe of this amazing temple town.

 Gangamoola hills:

Also known by the name Varaha Paravtha, Gangamoola hills is credited as the UNESCO world heritage site. Of all the sceneries to visit, the most famous crowd interest has always been Goddess Bhagavathi temple and Cave of Varaha which is about 6 Feet long. The place is also called the source and origin of river, tunga, bhadra and netravathi. Gangamoola hills is about 15 km away from the city, making it a must-visit.

Kudremukh peak:

Kudremukh peak, consisting of a rich variety of fauna, is a place that should never be missed in your Chikmagalur itinerary. It is a natural paradise for people who like to explore and trek around. The trail for the trek is a tad bit challenging, you may have to walk through certain rocks and lush green meadows, but the scenery you get when you climb up the peak is astounding and surreal, all the hard work makes it worth it. We suggest the best time to make the trek is early in the morning, or late noon.

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