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Sakleshpura is a name you must have definitely come across while surfing about must-visit stations in Karnataka. Sakleshpur is a scenic town located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. It is known for its lush green forests, picturesque waterfalls, and stunning views of the surrounding hills.

Settled in the western ghats and Hassan being its district. Sakleshpura is filled with evergreen orchards of tea, Coffee, and spice plantations which tempts tourists to come to visit the place and enjoy its beauty unquestionably. Sakleshpur is famous for its forts, estate plantations, and astounding trekking trails.
Also known as the ‘Switzerland of Karnataka’, it fulfills its destiny of being one of the most sought-after places for enjoying nature in its purest form.

Sakleshpur Attractions:- 
One of the most beautiful attractions in Sakleshpur is the Manjarabad Fort, which is located on a hilltop overlooking the town. The fort was built in the 18th century by Tipu Sultan and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and forests. The fort is a popular spot for trekking and picnics.
Another beautiful attraction in Sakleshpur is the Bisle Ghat, which is a beautiful stretch of road that passes through the Western Ghats. The ghat offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and forests and is a popular spot for trekking and birdwatching. Take a look at some of the scenic places of interest in sakleshpur which will surely give you the experience of a lifetime:

    •   Bisle reserve forest, home to deer, cobras, and birds. 
    •   Manjrabad fort
    •   Sakleshwara temple 
    •   Agni Gudda hill 
    •   Manjehalli waterfalls (Abbi falls) 
    •   Kukke subramanya temple 
    •   Ombattu Gudda 
    •   Hemavathi reservoir  
Sakleshpur's famous food:
Cuisine in sakleshpura is simple yet delightful. The food is prepared to experiment with various spices which render the food its delicious aroma. The valleys of sakleshpura provide abundant supplies of rice which is used in much of the cuisine. The most predominant choice of rice in sakleshpura is Sannakki, a fragrant grain the locals are fond of. And another special local's favorite food is Akki roti with avrekalu curry. 
The food is typically spicy and flavorful, with the use of a variety of spices and herbs.

Some of the other most popular dishes in Sakleshpur are Matka chicken, which is a spicy curry, and lentil dish cooked with vegetables like red chili. Another popular dish is the Saagu Dose, which is a type of rice and lentil-based pancake.

Overall, the cuisine of Sakleshpur is a delicious and diverse reflection of the town's rich history and culture. Whether you're looking for traditional dishes or modern café fare, Sakleshpur has something for every taste and preference.

Best time to visit Sakleshpur:- 
The best time to visit sakleshpura is from September to March. 
But the fantastic thing about the town is that it enjoys a lovely climate throughout the year. 

Public transport is well-connected in sakleshpura. 
Local bus services are accessible every 15-30 mins. You can also hire a taxi from the bus stand. 
The nearest airport to sakleshpura is Mangalore International Airport which lies at a distance of 80km. 
The railway station in sakleshpura is not much prominent. The nearest railway station is Yadukumari railway station which lies 20 km from sakleshpura. You have the option of hiring a taxi or cab to there.
In addition to its natural beauty, Sakleshpur is also known for its rich cultural heritage. The town has many temples, forts, and other historical sites that attract visitors from all over the country.
Overall, Sakleshpur is a beautiful town that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, Sakleshpur has something for everyone.

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