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Chikmagalur on a Budget: Find Your Ideal Homestay under Rs 1999/-

Chikmagalur is a nature heaven nestled in the midst of lively and rich green western ghats. Dense vegetation and the presence of unique flora and fauna make the location unmissable and a must for trekking and adventure lovers.

And of course, a great way to experience the charm of Chikmagalur is by staying at a homestay. Homestays possess an authentic and homely element that makes the guests feel less like guests and more like their own local people. The traditional delicious food is cooked beautifully by the local chefs who are apt to know the cuisine’s ins and outs. Who will also seriously make you rethink the concept of “outside food” Homestays in Chikmagalur situated amidst the rich green western ghats offer an unforgettable experience.

The most exciting part of them is the fact that their location makes it so easy for you to explore the nearby places without worrying about the means of transport, as most of them are very near to famous trekking trails, Instagram-worthy viewpoints, sublime peaks, and springy waterfalls.

The most exciting part of them is the fact that their location makes it so easy for you to explore the nearby places without worrying about the means of transport, as most of them are very near to famous trekking trails, Instagram-worthy viewpoints, sublime peaks, and springy waterfalls.

When we are talking about giving you the best Chikmagalur stay experience, getting to devour yummy local cuisine, waking up to a supremely pleasant view, and strolling through these blissful nature trails, one may mull over the budget quite a bit. While it is understandable, we are here to let you know that you can get all of these and more, with a budget that is extremely reasonable and affordable.

Down below, we have listed some of the best and most authentic homestays in Chikmagalur that you can stay in under just Rs 1999/-

1.  Thrilokvihar Homestay: 

Thrilok Vihar is a homestay located in Thallihalla region of Chikmagalur. Built with a modern and attractive architectural style, you’ll find this homestay to be one of the best under a budget this reasonable. You get to start your malnad adventure by waking up to a stunning scenic view of the surrounding hills. Then after a hearty breakfast stroll through the nearby coffee plantations. Thrilok Vihar homestay in Chikmagalur is also popular for its adrenaline-pumping adventure activities like Trekking and Cycling. And the best part is, nearby scenic places of interest like the Mullyanagiri peak, Muthodi Forest, Baba Budangiri hills, Jhari falls are located with easy reach from the homestay. This spectacular greenery here provides you with the break which you always wanted. Book here at just Rs 1799/- 

2.  Bandekallu Homestay: 

Bandekallu Homestay is found amidst the lush green forests of Chikmagalur. A true nature homestay, Bandekallu is here to offer you a peaceful stay where the serene malnad atmosphere will take over your soul. Guests who are into nature walks can happily enjoy the thick greenery of the western ghats. The taste of the food here is not something the guests will forget soon as it is freshly sourced and local ingredients are used to prepare it. The homestay has all modern amenities, with spacious and comfortable rooms. Get away from the daily hustle of traffic-filled city life and come here to Bandekallu Homestay to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking topography of Chikmagalur.  Book here at just Rs 999/-

3.  Thallihalla Homestay: 

Thallihalla homestay is one of the best homestays in Chikmagalur with its homely vibe and delicious food. Thallihalla homestay is located just near the foothills of Mullayanagiri where nature’s beauty will leave you spellbound. The greenery and picturesque trails will give you all sorts of travel and adventure goals and also helps you to unwind. With spacious and comfortable rooms, this homestay is also a luxury villa that renders the best Chikmagalur stay experience for you. 

As the facts are so well known, people come to witness the majesty of Mullayanagiri from all over India but many of them book a stay that is often so far away that they have to travel through all that distance. Book your stay at the affordable Thallihalla homestay and experience the best. Book here at just Rs1799/-  

4.  Bettadabagillu Homestay: 

The name Bettdabagillu- to loosely translate, means “door to the mountain” a charming homestay located near Rani Jhari mountain range in Durgadahalli, Chikmagalur. The property has its own private waterfall and trekking trails in the midst of famous Chikmagalur coffee plantations. During your stay in Bettadabagillu, you get to taste some yummy malnad special vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, cooked with authentic, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients. 

The homestay is literally situated in the heart of the thick western ghats forest, just like a pure nature retreat that is here to help you break free from the daily hustle and bustle of city life and take part in thrilling adventure activities amidst nature. And speaking of adventure activities, Betadabagillu is one of the most chosen homestays to experience Kayaking, Waterzipline, Mud volleyball, and many other thrill-inducing games and sports. Book here at just Rs 1799/- 

5.  Soarwood Homestay:

Soarwood homestay is surrounded by the lush green forests of the western ghats. Guests can expect to fall in love with its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Here, the homestay in addition to the breathtaking view from the spacious rooms and delicious food, close proximity to scenic places like Ballalaraya Durga Fort, Kodige Waterfalls, Kalasa temple, Horanadu temple, and Soormane waterfalls. Guests can enjoy nature walks, bird watching, and campfire evenings. Waking to beautiful scenery is something we always look forward to while traveling and Soarwood homestay is a perfect choice to be able to do that. Book here at just Rs 999/- 


Chikmagalur is an absolute treat for individuals who love nature and wish to explore it. The town is one of the most sought-after weekend getaways in Karnataka. Finding the best budget stays here, although not challenging can be time-consuming, that is precisely why we have shortlisted some of the best homestays which fall under Rs 1999/-

 Keep exploring, keep witnessing the primordial nature in its purest form.

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